Asthma Attack Prevention

Updated: Mar 11

Journalist: Tori Henderson (Year 7)




Asthma is quite a common health problem among everyone. Sprays, smoke and air quality can trigger asthma. Some people may be more sensitive to certain things compared to others.

If you have asthma, the inside walls of the airways in your lungs can become inflamed and swollen. This is called a 'flare-up', or if it is serious, it can be an asthma attack. During an asthma attack, your narrowed airways make it harder to breathe, and you may cough and wheeze. Asthma attacks can be life-threatening, but they can sometimes be prevented.

Aerosols, including deodorant and room sprays, can be very problematic and do more harm than good.

The fine mist, when inhaled, combined with the strong fragrance, can trigger an asthma attack. This is why we ask you not to use spray deodorants.

Here are some ways you can prevent an asthma attack during bushfire season

  1. Talk to your GP (General Practitioner) about asthma and see if you need an ASTHMA ACTION PLAN.

  2. Research how asthma can affect you and your family or friends.

  3. Get equipt with prevention medication (if needed).

  4. Get talking. Talk to your friends, family, teachers on ways they can help prevent you or another person having an attack. Of needed kindly ask them to stop doing something that may spark an attack.

  5. Get support. Have a plan in case an attack happens to you or your asthmatic friend, just in case.

Tips for asthma during

bushfire season

(even if you aren't asthmatic)

Have a 30 day supply of asthma medication (if you or a family member is asthmatic).

Have a supply of poor air quality face masks (normal covid face masks DO NOT filter smoke particles).

Consider an air purifier and see if it is needed.

Check windows and doors for gaps. Cover or close indoor vents.

Be responsible at school and don't bring spray deodorant.

Roll-on deodorant lasts longer and is better for the environment. Breathing in spray deodorant is bad for your health, so make the switch today. Buy roll-on deodorant!

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