Baby Chickens at LIHS

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

Journalist: Abbey Hargrave, Year 9

This week I met with Ms Atkinson, LIHS Science and Agriculture teacher, who spent her free time allowing me to interview her about the baby chickens which have just hatched at our school.

Image: A LIHS student comforting the baby chickens during Agriculture (credit - Ms Atkinson).

AH: Thank you again for your time. I was wondering when were the baby chicks born?
Ms Atkinson: On Sunday the 23rd and still on Monday morning. When I had come into work they were still hatching.

AH: How many chickens are there and are they all different breeds?
Ms Atkinson: So there are five baby chickens and there are three different breeds. One Hamburg, two Silkies & two mixed breeds.

Image: The students work alongside the chickens during class time. This is an important process for the baby chicks, as it helps them become comfortable with human handling.

AH: How many days did it take for them to fully hatch?
Ms Atkinson: It took twenty one days for them to fully hatch.

AH: What are you going to do with the chickens?
Ms Atkinson: So, they are going to go into the chicken pens [in the agriculture plot] in eight to twelve weeks.

For more information on what the Science faculty has to offer, check out their Subject Scoop page!

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