Drama Club

Reporter: Tori Henderson

Did you know LIHS has a Drama Club?

Mrs Gorman loves acting and drama and knows that we have some fantastic students at LIHS who also love drama and acting. Drama Club runs every Thursday at lunch in the Drama Room. Come down for some fun, theatre sports, and other active and exciting games!

Extra-curricular activities are really special at each school. These programmes only run when motivated teachers and staff are willing to spend their free time promoting something positive for students. Mrs Gorman is so passionate about drama that she's giving up her Thursday lunches for students who love drama. There's an amazing group of students who attend Drama Club. Supporting extra-curricular activities like this could even lead to a school play or drama nights in the future! Make sure you support our school and teachers like Mrs Gorman.

Watch the video below to see what you might expect if you attend Drama Club on Thursday at lunch.

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