Italian Picture Books

Updated: Mar 30

Mrs Mitchell's 7L Italian class have been working hard this term to create their own Italian for Beginners picture books! Students individually chose a narrative idea or concept (like colours or animal names in Italian) and created a picture book with images and Italian text. This is an incredible teaching and learning resource which can be used for years to come in the LIHS Italian classroom.

Mrs Mitchell originally searched for beginner picture books, which she would then teach to her class. After struggling to find any suitable books, she put the idea to her own 7L class to make their own picture books in Italian. The students love this idea!

"I liked wiring an Italian book because it expanded my Italian vocabulary." Chae Conte

"I loved working with my peers and getting feedback and learning words from each other." Tori Henderson

"I enjoyed working on this task because it was fun and somewhat challenging, it was really beneficial for my Italian and it will be very helpful in the future." James Calci

Take a look at the image below to see the fantastic work of Mrs Mitchell and her 7L Italian class! Well done to all.

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