LIHS Week 7 Update

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

Clontarf Celebrate International Women’s Day

The boys in Clontarf put smiles on the faces of our female staff members on Tuesday, 10/03/20, as the boys handed out yellow flowers and invited all female staff members into the Clontarf Room for a morning tea.

Image Above: Ms McLoughlin LOVED her flowers and displayed them on her classroom desk.

Vili and Matt, the Clontarf facilitators at LIHS, organised the event and the boys put on food, drinks, and entertainment – table tennis, card games, and more. The female staff members really appreciated the event and we thank Clontarf for brightening our day!

Image Above: The boys enjoyed showing off their table tennis skills to the staff!

Students expressed their gratitude towards the female staff members of LIHS. Byron Arif, Year 9, stated that the women in his life do a lot for him. It was nice seeing how appreciative the boys were during the morning tea.

Ms Nicholson, one of the female LIHS staff members who attended, stated:

"It was an absolute pleasure being invited to the Clontarf morning tea to celebrate International Women's Day! I loved the rose I was given as an invitation and it meant a lot to be recognised within the school. Thank you to all involved!"

LIHS Cross Country Fund Raising

Journalist: Katie Brown, Year 8

LIHS will be holding its annual Cross Country event this term. Students are looking forward to Friday (27/3/20), Week 9, during Periods 5 & 6, as this is when the race and walk will take place.

Students are also working hard to fundraise for the animals injured during the recent bushfires. This initiative, run by Mr Chaseling, has seen many students banding together to help support a worthy cause. You can raise money by asking neighbours and family members to sponsor you in the race. Don't worry about the amount of money you raise, because every cent helps.

Top VIVO Earners of Week 7

Journalists: Abbey Hargrave & Teleah Kopa, Year 9

Well done to our top VIVO earners for Week 7!

Coming up later in Week 7:

- Dr Karl Question and Answer Session for Years 7 - 10

- World's Greatest Shave at LIHS

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