Meet Our New School Leaders

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

Reporters: Tori Henderson (Year 7), Chae Conte (Year 7)

Chantelle Borg and Logan O’Sullivan are elected as LIHS School Leaders 2020-21. These students will be representing our school in a variety of events, as well as creating positive changes for students at LIHS. Tori and Chae interview our new school leaders.

The school leaders represent the school, speak on assemblies, and create positive change for students and staff. This exciting news was announced last week on assembly. This week, Chantelle and Logan ran their first school assembly.

Let’s get to the interview, where Chantelle and Logan take time out of their busy schedule to talk to our reporters, Tori and Chae.

Tori and Chae interview our new LIHS School Captains, Chantelle and Logan.

Tori: Once again, congratulations on becoming school captain for LIHS. Why did you apply to become school captain?

Chantelle: Well, I like leading, even though I’m kind of bad at it (laughs) I’ve always wanted to represent the school in such an honourable way. I want to improve certain aspects of the school which we could easily fix with a little bit of tweaking.

Thank you to both Chantelle and Logan for allowing us to interview you both. We look forward to many great things you will both do for our school.

Chantelle and Logan were both selected, through a whole-school voting process, to represent LIHS as our school leaders.

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