Meet the LIHS Student News Team

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

Lake Illawarra High School has established a Student News Team. In 2020, students in the News Team will be composing articles and reporting on school events and other school-based activities. If you would like an interview or have news worth reporting, please see one of our team members listed below!

Image below: the LIHS Student News Team

Teacher Facilitator: Ms McLoughlin

Reporters: Tori Henderson, Cayden Dawson, Amber Britton

Editors: Simrandeep Kaur, Jordan Spence

Journalists: Tori Henderson, Abbey Hargrave, Cayden Dawson, Asher Horan, Amber Britton, Dylan Davis, Sophia Leake

Photographers: Abbey Hargrave, Teleah Kopa, Asher Horan, Jack White, Jordan Spence

Artists: Katie Brown, Lambros Wolfe

Graphic Designers: Sophia Leake

“We get to report on school news and events. It's really fun interviewing teachers and other people at our school. We get Press Passes as well, to wear when reporting, and it makes you feel really important!”

If you would also like to join the LIHS Student News Team, please see Ms McLoughlin in the English Staffroom or E26.

Don't forget to check out our news articles!

Image Above: The LIHS Student News Team celebrating the launch of this website.

With Lemonade, of course.


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