Multicultural Cook Off

Updated: Mar 10

Article composed by: Tori Henderson (Year 8) and Emily Turner (Year 8)

Additional News Team participant on the day: Chae Conte (Year 8)

This year, Year 10 had the opportunity to participate in the multicultural Cook Off. The event took place over many weeks. During the first week, the Year 10 Food Technology class formed 5 teams and were paired with a volunteer and culture. The 5 cultures were Indian, Portuguese, Spanish, Peruvian, and Turkish. During the second week, the teams researched with the volunteers and created their menus for the big day.

Take a look at the photos below, showing our students and volunteers research their cultural and cultural foods.

The Big Day

During the Cook Off day, the students made their food and prepared to present it to the staff of LIHS and multiple guests, including the Mayor of Shellharbour: Marianne Saliba. They cooked some delicious things like Spanish paella and Portuguese tarts - just to name a few.

Our school partners with the Multicultural Communities Council of the Illawarra, or the MCCI, every year to make this event happen. As well as the Shellharbour club who grants and supports this movement.

"The Multicultural Communities Council provides services to multicultural communities in the Illawarra from young to old." - Allyson, from the MCCI

"The program was launched in 2013 as a mentoring program to encourage the multicultural elders to form bonds with the younger generation and learn from each other's cultures and things that they respect and value." -Mr Bain, Former Chef.

"I enjoy working with a variety of foods and ingredients to use. We are learning different techniques and ways to cook things." - Lily Anger, LIHS student participant.

Take a look at the photos below, showing the incredible food cooked up on the day. The Student News Team were also lucky enough to enjoy some of the dishes. The taste and presentation were of a really high quality. Well done to all involved. The day was a huge success!


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