National Poetry Finalists at LIHS

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

Reporters: Cayden Dawson (Year 7), Tori Henderson (Year 7)

Editor: Ms Shannon McLoughlin

Students from Years 7 - 10 English participated in an annual national poetry competition, 'Poetry Object', which required students to compose a poem about a treasured personal object. Out of thousands of entries, Byron Arif (Year 9) and Cooper Baker (Year 7), were announced as finalists! Their poems are in the top 20 best high school poems in Australia. They are also still in the running to win the high school category of the competition. Final results are released no the 20th of August. Follow the link below to see the finalists in the competition -

Tori Henderson interviews 'Poetry Object' finalist, Byron Arif

Both Byron and Cooper were hesitant when their classes commenced a study on poetry. However, after reading a variety of poems and discovering new methods for producing poetry, the boys, as well as their peers, composed beautiful and powerful poems. Read their poems below!

Well done to Bryon and Cooper, as well as all the young poets at LIHS.

Byron Arif, Year 9, with his fantastic poem

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Next, the SNT will be reporting on Education Week at Lake Illawarra High School.

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