October is Mental Health Month

Updated: Feb 16

An update from the Student News Team

Mrs Norman, Head Teacher of the PDHPE faculty, has created a Lake Illawarra High School fundraiser team in support of mental health awareness. The Black Dog Institute are holding a walking event in October, which is mental health month in Australia. The event is called 'One Foot Forward' and it encourages people to sign up and create a walking goal to reach by the end of October.

The Black Dog Institute states,

We're putting One Foot Forward to support mental health research
Did you know that 1 in 5 people experience symptoms of mental illness each year? In fact, every day in Australia, 8 people will die from suicide. Mental illness can be debilitating and can have a devastating impact on not only those living with it, but those around them.
But this October, we’ll be putting one foot forward to make a difference to the lives of people touched by mental illness and suicide. We're fundraising to raise money for life-changing research into treatment and prevention of mental illness, as well as vital support services. Support our challenge and help change the lives of people living with mental illness.

Make sure you check out the Lake Illawarra High School fundraising page to sign up or donate!

Click here to view our LIHS fundraising page

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