Our Award-Winning News Team

Reporter: Ms Shannon McLoughlin (Teacher Co-ordinator)

This article is a surprise for the LIHS Student News Team!

The Student News Team are officially an award-winning news team!

To watch the national announcement video, follow the link below and skip to 1:00:00 in the video.


To view the LIHS Student News entry in the competition, click the link below.


What a fantastic year for news at LIHS. A huge congratulations to the SNT for their hard work and efforts this year. A particular well done to Tori Henderson and Chae Conte, our Year 7 SNT captains, who have worked tirelessly this year. Both Tori and Chae are frequently up on assembly reading news headlines, out interview staff and students, and working on upcoming print issues for the SNT magazine. The SNT would also not exists if it was not for our amazing staff at LIHS, who provided the team with news tips and allow the students to interview them about the many exciting activities and events at our school.

The SNT magazine was recently voted the best middle school magazine in all of Australia. The SNT won ‘Front Page’ 2020, which is a national competition endorsed by NINE Entertainment and the Sydney Morning Herald. The kids have won a set of iPads, a tour of the SMH, and a write up in the SMH. This is a huge achievement for the team, as well as Lake Illawarra High School.

The Student News Team are on a wave of fame after reaching national success and have also been interviewed by ABC Illawarra Radio and the Illawarra Mercury. Melinda James, breakfast radio host at ABC Illawarra, said that Tori and Chae spoke well and did a great job answering her questions. It was a change of scenery for our two news captains, as they were now the ones being interviewed!

Above: Tori and Chae with Melinda James

The team were also interviewed by Agron Latifi, an education journalist from the Illawarra Mercury, and you can read this article by clicking the link below.


I’m incredibly proud of our LIHS Student News Team and how they have grown throughout the year. The Front Page competition has unlocked new avenues for the group and they are looking to take some big steps next year.

The SNT will be changing their magazine to incorporate teacher or staff written articles and will include more pages. The Black Swan magazine will reach a larger audience and report all a greater variety of school news.

Don’t forget to check out the LIHSnewsteam.org website to stay up to date on all Lake Illawarra High news.

Watch the video below to see what the

SNT have achieved this year!

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