Possum Protection

Updated: Mar 30

Possums are regularly found trapped within one of the bins in the Quiet Quad. Food scraps entice the possums to crawl into the bins at night but then find themselves trapped and unable to climb out of the bin.

Above: The LIHS Student News Team have created a possum protection sign

If you see a possum in the bin: DO NOT TOUCH IT! They have very sharp claws and could harm you.

If you see a possum in the bin: FIND A TEACHER! The teacher will help you carefully move the bin into the leaf litter of the Quiet Quad and place the bin on its side. This way the possum will be able to escape up a tree. Do not be alarmed if the possum stays in the bin for a long period of time, they are nocturnal (which means they are most active at night) and will leave the bin when it becomes dark.

Above: A possum found in one of the bins in the Quiet Quad

If you see a possum in the bin: GET THE POSSUM SIGN FROM E26! The Student News Team have created a 'Possum Protection' sign to help people know that the bin is on its side because a possum is inside the bin. See Ms McLoughlin in E26 and she will go into the Quiet Quad and put the sign in the ground near the bin.

We share our school with native plants and wildlife. It is important to respect the animals living on school grounds and protect them from stress or danger.

An information video, created by students in 7S, will be featured in an upcoming PBL lesson. This upcoming PBL lesson will remind you about correct bin use and how to handle a possum in the bin. 7S have also completed a bin audit and have requested new bin lids for bins around the school.

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