Student News Classroom

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

Organised by the 2020 Student News Team members.

You may have noticed the 'Student News Classroom' page on our website. The LIHS Student News Team were approached by Mr Chaseling, who is in charge of primary school to high school transition. This means that he organised events for local primary school students to visit our school and start to feel comfortable and excited about coming to LIHS. Due to COVID restrictions, there haven't been many transition day opportunities. That's why Mr Chaseling came to us. We created a series of online lessons teaching primary school students how to form and run a news team for their own school.

Click here to view the lessons in Student News Classroom

We have created fun and interactive lessons which you can do at home too! Lessons focus on interview skills, the different parts of a newsletter, as well as an interview with the 2021 LIHS Year Adviser at LIHS, Mr Shannon, who will be helping Year 7 students transition into high school next year.

Take a look at our videos and lessons which you can complete at home or at school. Don't forget, if you are coming to LIHS next year or if you are already a student at LIHS, you can apply to join the SNT next year.

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