Tree Tops Cafe

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

Reporter: LIHS News Team

Lake Illawarra High School's 'Tree Tops Cafe' is a special event hosted by TAS and our Year 11 and 12 Hospitality students. Our students take on the role of chef, waiter/waitress, cleaner, and more, to provide the staff at LIHS a delicious lunch!

Image: Jordan O'Nains and Nathaniel Dungey in charge of the

'Potato Wedges with Sloppy Joe Topping.'

Today, students cooked Mexican themed food, featuring the options of Mexican Lasagne and Potato Wedges with Sloppy Joe Topping. As well as dessert: mouth-watering Chocolate Mousse Slice.

Image: Tree Tops Cafe menu (left) and special request vegetarian Potato Wedges (right). The Mexican mince-coated version did look very tempting, but a big thank you agian to the chef for preparing the special meal! So accommodating!

Students rotate roles each fortnight when the Tree Tops Cafe runs. Jordan O'Nains spoke to the LIHS News Team about how much he enjoys cooking and the practicality of the subject.

"We cook everything. We give Ms Cormack suggestions and she confirms the meals. But we get to put everything together and bring it out to the customers [LIHS staff]. It's really fun."

Well done to all of our Hospitality students and teachers. The vegetarian wedges were delicious!

Image: Beautifully set tables for Tree Tops Cafe. Ready for the hungry LIHS staff!

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