Welcome Back!

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

Reporter: Tori Henderson, Year 7

Editor: Ms McLoughlin

Hello, Lake Illawarra High School!

We have many exciting events happening at our school and, after being at home for 10 weeks, we're sure you'll want to get involved. There will be posters up around the school advertising these fun activities, as well as a paper copy of our LIHS Student News Team newsletter.

The Virtual Cross Country

1. First up on our list of recommended activities for you to participate is the 'Virtual Cross Country'! You will complete a 3 - 6km (depending on your age) walk or run. The best part is that you get to choose your own route! Walk/run wherever you want! You just need to download a run tracking app like Strava, Pacer, Nike Running, etc, then go out and complete your run or walk. Make sure your GPS is on, so you upload an image of the route and the kms you have completed. Check your year group Google Classrooms or see the PE staff for more information on this event.

Library Minecraft Challenges

2. Another exciting event running at LIHS is the Library Minecraft challenges organised by Mr Nairn. See him in the Library to obtain a code to his Library Google Classroom (or check your year group Google Classrooms). Mr Nairn has a new challenge running for the next two weeks, which requires students to log on to Minecraft for Education and complete a dinosaur-themed build. This could be a dinosaur park, life scale dinosaur, or dinosaur eco-system. It's up to you - be creative!

Mr Nairn explains the Dinosaur Minecraft Challenge

Ms McLoughlin reveals her first attempt at a dinosaur park

RSPCA Million Paws Walk

3. The RSPCA Million Paws Walk is an annual event in the Illawarra and across Australia. This year the event will run a little differently and the RSPCA are encouraging animal owners to walk their pets at least three times a week to participate in the event. If you want to participate, you just head over to their website (below) and sign up. From there, you can log and share every time you walk your dog to receive donations. You also get prizes depending on how many donations you receive!


Tori Henderson, Year 7 LIHS, is running a donation page for the Million Paws Walk and reports on her experiences.

Hey, I'm Tori. I'm a member of the LIHS News Team and I have signed up for the Million Paws Walk - RSPCA Illawarra. I am raising money for abused and neglected dogs so they can have a second chance at a good life. Last year 124,000 animals came to the RSPCA for help. Many needed medical attention whilst others needed mental help so that they could be adopted by new owners.
I have made a commitment to walk my dog every couple of days and hand out flyers and put up posters to create awareness about the ways animals should be treated. Seems like a lot? I know. It's the least we humans can do to thank animals for helping us through the good times and bad. If you have ever had a pet before you know what I'm talking about. For example, dogs can sense our emotions and often help us cope when we’re feeling down. Whilst cats they are just overall fun (most of the time. Unless they are attacking you or sleeping). Many other animals are fun as well and deserve to be treated right.
I'm not asking you to donate. I'm asking you to help the RSPCA raise awareness for this cause. Even $1 makes a difference. Or, sharing the link below in your biography on Instagram or on your story, because the first step to fundraising is spreading the word.


Lake Illawarra High School Paws Walk Competition

LIHS are encouraging students to walk their dogs and snap a photo showing your happy canine friend!

There will be prizes for the bext photos, so get creative!

Upload your photos below!


Take your dog to the beach, to the park, or for a walk around the streets. Just get out and be active!

Welcome back, LIHS!

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