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Updated: Sep 22, 2020

Dog Walking Photo Competition Winners

Journalist: Tori Henderson (Year 7)

Congratulations to our dog walking photo competition winners. This challenge was to raise awareness of the RSCPA Million Paws Walk and we thank all teachers and students for their entries.

First place goes to Jordan Cady in Year 12!

Jordan Cady's Winning Entry

The Runner up goes to Alina Stride in Year 7!

Alina Stride's Fantastic Entry

Students are to collect their paw-some prizes from Ms McLoughlin's classroom in E26.

Well done to all participants!

School Lockers for Senior Students

Journalist: Tori Henderson (Year 7)

Lake Illawarra High School recently installed 52 lockers for senior students. These lockers, located in the senior area of the school library, can be hired by students in Year 11 and 12. These lockers were installed because of one passionate student in Year 10, Courtney Riggs.

Courtney will be a senior next year at LIHS and understands the organisation required for senior study. She researched different lockers and their prices before composing a proposal for the principal, Tony Hicks. Courtney's vision and dedication resulted in the school acknowledging her idea and the installation of senior lockers.

You too can make a positive change at our school!

VIVO Earnings

Journalist: Lambros Wolfe (Year 8)

LIHS, you can get VIVOs for good behaviour, participation, working hard and just being awesome!

What can you get?

VIVOs are like the school currency; once you have a specific amount of VIVOs, you can purchase awesome prizes such as Zooper Doopers (price 20 VIVOs each), Recreo biscuits (price 20 VIVOs), Canteen food vouchers and canteen drink vouchers (price 100 VIVOs each), Fidget spinners (price 200 VIVOs each), You can even earn tablets/ipads (price 5000 VIVOs).

How do you earn VIVOs?

There are many ways to earn VIVOs, such as following the school values, putting effort in your work, attendance and now you can gain a hefty 100 VIVOs for finding the red LIHS logo on the LIHS student news page.

Check the SNT website for more stories in Term 3!

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